Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Observation

Some thoughts on the hopefulness and frailty of attachment.

Winter Beach Walk
White Rock, British Columbia

Steady rain beats rhythm to
My footsteps, brief dark marks
On graveled beach;
Low clouds with seeming purpose
Roll across an empty sky.

I chance upon a boulder, rounded, old
And smooth, an accidental presence
Marking time in different terms.

On its side, a childish script says:
Paul and Marie, forever, etched inside
A rough-hewn heart.

Wind seems to gust up colder here,
Preying on this fragile wish,
This blindly hopeful talisman
Against time and pain and loss.

I must walk on, reluctantly,
But there are echoes in the wind
Of this shining proclamation
On an ancient stone.

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